Version 2 set for release on March 16!


Well, I know it has been a long time coming and I have been promising it for weeks – but FINALLY Version 2 of Twapper Keeper is set to release on the evening of March 16.

This is a major release for the Twapper Keeper archiving platform which will:

  • Increase the scope of archiving from just #hashtags to also include keywords and @person’s timelines (so that we can hammer the shared hosts servers more)
  • Introduce a hybrid approach to Twitter archiving that will tap the Twitter Streaming API as well as the Twitter Search API (to keep Twitter from banning me from always using search)
  • Introduce more API capabilities (b/c more and more developers want to harness the power of our archiving engine)
  • Allow for time slicing of archives when viewing (b/c hashtags get reused)
  • And many more subtle improvements… (b/c users keep giving me great ideas)

Due to the major changes, we (I always say we, but it is really just me at the moment… which should change soon enough) are in the process of migrating all data over to the new platform which may yield some unexpected results – so bear with us (I mean me…)

See everyone tomorrow night with Version 2 – and watch this blog for any updates if I screw things up…  🙂



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