We aren’t “crushing it” just yet, we are kinda “getting crushed”…


2 days into the Version 2.0, and we are getting crushed by the new users (doubled yesterday), new archives (5+% increase in a single day), and a new archiving process that needs to be tuned.

As of this morning our backlog queue of tweets was growing over time (vs. getting smaller).  However, we are applying more resources as  I type and hope to start “keeping up” and “reducing backlog.”

The bad news is  that means you may not see your tweets in your archives immediately.   However, rest assured we have them (good news), we just need to put them in the right notebooks.

Bear with us as we try to scale this thing called Twapper Keeper…


One Response to “We aren’t “crushing it” just yet, we are kinda “getting crushed”…”

  1. TJ Says:

    congrats on your success.

    as a novice to Twitter is isn’t overtly obvious as to how this would benefit me other than being another cool app. that said, i know that you wouldn’t do this were there not value (product & finance) in the api.

    i’ll dig deeper into your site, and maybe it is here somewhere. but a “101” for Twitter-virgins might be helpful.


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