JISC-Funded Developments To Twapper Keeper


The Twapper Keeper service is being used increasingly across across the UK’s higher education sector. Over the past year Twapper Keeper has been used to archive tweets from a number of high profile events including the ALT-C 2009 elearning conference (see archive of #altc2009 tweets),  UKOLN’s Institutional Web Management Workshop (see archive of #iwmw2009 tweets) and, most recently, the JISC’s 21010 conference (see archive of #jisc10 tweets).

JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) has recognised the importance of Twitter archiving to the higher education community. In order to ensure that the interests of this community are being addressed JISC has provided funding to support further development to Twapper Keeper in order to support developments of interest to this community. The developments will include technical enhancements to the service, support for the sustainability and reliability and the service and the provision of open access to software developments, documentation and lessons learnt and experiences gained.

I am the project manager for this work and will ensure that JISC interests are addressed in this work.  My main dissemination channel  is the UKWebFocus WordPress blog – and as you can see from the Twitter category on the blog, I’ve a long-standing interest in use of Twitter.

As part of the open development process for this work I’ll be publishing a number of posts on this blog which will invite feedback and suggestions for developments to the Twapper Keeper service.  Your comments are welcomed.


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  1. John O'Brien Says:

    We are very excited about working with JISC and Brian over the coming year to continue to enhance the Twapper Keeper service and provide a better archiving platform to some of our most active users. Look for more information from Brian and myself about engagement with the users in the coming week!


  2. David F. Flanders Says:

    Great stuff Brian and John. Really looking forward to the advancements of Twapper Keeper for our sector, especially building on the success of specific collection of tweets.

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  6. Andrew Says:

    TwapperKeeper has become an invaluable service for researchers looking for Twitter data. Keep up the great work.

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