Migration to Oauth


Over the coming weeks Twapper Keeper will be transitioning ALL of the backend archiving routines to authenicate via OAuth (vs. Basic Authentication which Twitter is removing as of June 30 -> http://www.countdowntooauth.com/).

While TwapperKeeper only consumes “public” data it still must authenticate to the Twitter API as a user to allow for higher than normal queries to the Twitter REST APIs, and thus must make this change to allow for operation in the future.

As of this morning, the routines that archive persons have been migrated.  We will continue to monitor as these are rolled into production to minimize any impacts on end user archives.

[Update: 05/13/2010 – 06:20 am] Everything appears stable on the oauth based person archiving routines.  This morning keyword / hashtag archiving routines have been migrated.  This includes archiving routines responsible for (1) initially filling the archive when first created with all tweets available in Twitter’s search cache and (2) continuing to crawl back in Twitter archive to find any potential missed tweets by the Streaming connection.

[Update: 05/14/2010 – 06:37 am] As of this morning, all other final backend OAuth updates have been made in support the various outbound messages Twapper Keeper sends out when archives / exports are created.  Everything continues to seem stable.

Let us know if you see any issues.


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