Find out if Twapper Keeper is healthy or sick…


As of this evening, a new SYSTEM HEALTH page has been added to Twapper Keeper that provides our end users a way to see if the system is “healthy.”

This page provides visibility to the monitoring that is running in the back end to ensure that the numerous archiving / exporting processes are running smoothly.  (These are the same monitors that are used to contact me if there are any system issues.)

You can also look back over 7 days by clicking on the history link on each monitor.

NOTE:  While typically Twapper Keeper can “heal itself” by reaching back to find tweets in the Twitter Search cache as it continues to crawl, this does provide a glimpse into potential short term blips in the system that may result in missed tweets for a time period.  However, if you see missed tweets I highly recommend “resetting the archive” to force a back search, and contact us at if you continue to see an issue.)

(This enhancement aligns with one of the enhancements outlined in the Ops / Infrastructure work product and is based upon a request from Martin Hawksey


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