We are doing server maintenance tonight – and will be offline


Sorry for short notice, but we are doing urgent maintenance this evening.  Be back online shortly!

[update 06/04/2010 – 6:53 am ET] Unfort our maintenance is taking longer than expected due to the high growth in the last few months and the need to also move servers (AGAIN).  We don’t have an exact ETA but are hopeful things are back online by mid-day.  As soon as we are back online we will start crawling back into the Twitter cache to catch up.  Sorry for the downtime!

[update 06/04/2010 – 2:00 pm ET] We have began the file import of data that we need to do in our server move – and we have turned on our connection with the phirehose.  Once the import is complete, then we will turn on other archiving processes.  Bear with us – this took much longer than expected.

[update 06/04/2010 – 3:15 pm ET] Core backend archiving processes have been turned back on and are running against current archives.  However, a couple key processes have to be held back until final import of data is complete – which I am expecting to be done in the next few hours [fingers crossed].  Then we will bring the front end up and flip DNS.  Sorry for all of these issues, this server moved became somewhat forced because of negative impacts we were having on other customers in the cyber center.  Ingesting 8000 tweets per minute takes its toll on a server and anything next to it…

[update 06/04/2010 – 8:15 pm ET] Processes started.  Front end web server started.  Flipping DNS now.  It will take all weekend to catch up with 1) post processing stream data that we have on file (~ 10 MILLION records) and reach back in Twitter search cache.  Thanks to everyone for your continue patience.


2 Responses to “We are doing server maintenance tonight – and will be offline”

  1. Daphne Maia Says:

    when, oh when? when will u be up again? 😦

  2. techintense Says:

    any ideas when u will be up again? such a great tool… but my research is going down… argh

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