Twapper Keeper Update


As many of you know we took an emergency outage last week to do another server migration.

I apologize for the last minute nature of the migration, but our increased loading caused our hosting company to “strongly recommend” moving to a another server after we continued to negatively impact other customers.  Therefore, we had to do the server upgrade “on the fly.”  It  wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped 😦 and I am really, really sorry.

Now to the good news…

Twapper Keeper celebrated it ONE YEAR anniversary this last weekend.

To think, one year ago I threw together a quick hack to better understand the Twitter API – honestly, just for fun.  I had no idea at the time how many people were passionate about archiving and analyzing tweets – but I quickly realized it after I continued to get feedback from users all over the world.

Together we have lived through major events, learned what works / what doesn’t, and established new partnerships to help grow the archiving platform.

Now as we go into the second year I am excited about the continued evolution of the platform supported by our partnership with UKOLN and JISC as outlined in the blog.  Stay tuned to this blog as we begin to release various new features over the coming weeks.

Year number 2 is going to be lots of fun – thanks for being a part of it!



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