“Tag and Find” Starting to Roll Out


We are starting to roll-out the capability to tag and find archives with tags.  At this time keyword / hashtag archives can now have a set of tags added to it when first created, and these tags are shown when the notebook is displayed.

However, we are finalizing the code to allow for the tags to be “edited.”

This is the first time we have allowed an archive’s metadata to be edited by users, and initially we were going to only allow the creator of the archive to edit tags (while also extending to description as well) – since now we can validate the user with OAuth.

However, we could also say that since the archives become “public” that anyone should be able to edit (with a history log of course).

Would love your thoughts on this matter… (1) should anyone be able to update the description / tags or (2) only the creator?

(This enhancement aligns with enhancement UI-8 outlined in the post Plans for Updates to Twapper Keeper Functionality and APIs)


2 Responses to ““Tag and Find” Starting to Roll Out”

  1. Gary Green Says:

    Personally, I think allowing other users (apart from the owner) to update archive tags would be useful. The person who set up an archive might have done so for a particular topic/subject, but the archive might have relevance to other subjects that aren’t included in the tagging. Alternatively, maybe a function could be set up to request the owner to add specific tags to an archive? However, this could give the owner more work to do by having to add the requested tags themself… or they might not even add the requested tags, no matter how relevant those tags are.

    • John O'Brien Says:

      Gary – I definitely see value in both ideas. However, the initial feedback I received (I saw a couple tweets earlier in the week) focused on ownership, and since I tied the update capability to the changing of description as well (which was a often asked for feature), I opt’ed to lock it down to the owner. Possibly a button that allows for user to easily “tweet” recommended tags to the owner – thoughts? I would think people would be willing to update if it is relevant.

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