API Update : Archive / Notebook Create


As we continue to implement OAuth and battle SPAM we are making an important update to the /notebook/create API.

In addition to the CREATED_BY field, we also ask developers to include the numeric USER_ID of the user who is making the call.  This should be a valid user screen name / user id combo.

This will help us in the future to control edits on archives, as well as attack spam issues when the CREATED_BY (screen_name) and USER_ID don’t match.

Update also reflected at http://twapperkeeper.com/api.php

create a notebook

http://api.twapperkeeper.com/notebook/create/?apikey=xxx&name=abcdefg&type=hashtag&description=This is a test.&created_by=jobrieniii&user_id=1234
POST arguments
apikey [required], type (hashtag, keyword, person) [required], name [required], created_by [required], user_id [required], description [required]

example – create hashtag notebook abcdefg

$_POST or $_GET -> apikey=xxx&name=abcdefg&type=hashtag&description=This is a test.&created_by=@jobrieniii&user_id=1234

{“status”:1,”message”:”Notebook created successfully”,


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