Filter RTs when Viewing Archive


As of this morning, you now have the ability to remove “Retweets” when viewing the TwapperKeeper archives.  The “No RT” flag also is carried through to the permalink so that you can bookmark / send the link to others.

(This enhancement aligns with enhancement UI-6 outlined in the post Plans for Updates to Twapper Keeper Functionality and APIs)


3 Responses to “Filter RTs when Viewing Archive”

  1. Martin Hawksey Says:

    Is this feature also available via the API?

    • John O'Brien Says:

      Martin – not yet, I intend to make all the API changes once I have finished the UI side changes.

      While many of the functions that support the UI are also called by the API, but I want to make those updates all at once, and ensure minimal churn on the REST calls.


  2. John O'Brien Says:

    Martin – it is now available in the API as of tonight. See the Version 2 /notebook/tweets API.

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