Now you can merge your archives together into a collection!


A new feature has now went live that will allow you to merge multiple archives (up to 5) together into a single collection!

Why would you want to do this:  How about when multiple hashtags are used for a conference?  Or maybe you are doing market analysis on a company but want to aggregate multiple keywords that represent the company?  Or maybe you want to view a list of person archives in a single view?

Let us know if you see any issues.

(This enhancement aligns with enhancement UI-5 outlined in the post Plans for Updates to Twapper Keeper Functionality and APIs)

NOTE:  Will also made some minor updates to the APIs and API docs ( that will allow you to query, view, and create collections.  The documentation is a little “rough” right now and will be updated when we do the planned API enhancements, so if there are any questions let us know!


2 Responses to “Now you can merge your archives together into a collection!”

  1. lilou__b Says:

    nice feature, true, finding archives in that dropdown is a bit rough at the moment.

    i was after a feature which is slightly different: either when creating an archive in the first page, the ability to crawl tweets with several hashtags,
    the ability to combine existing archives, but only pick overlapping tweets (i.e. those that contain *all* of the hashtags).


    • John O'Brien Says:

      Right now our architecture is designed to handle a single keyword per archive (vs. ANDing / ORing types searches).

      This is mainly due to our strategy of leveraging both the Twitter SEARCH and STREAMING APIs.

      I will keep both ideas in mind as we move forward with enhancements – as I have had similar requests.


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