Output in Excel… why not?


A quick lunch time hack – and now you can view your archive in Excel.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This will only work for results of  less than roughly 50k and therefore leverages the filter criteria. If you want a full dump, we still recommend the EXPORT AND DOWNLOAD feature which allows you to download EVERYTHING!


2 Responses to “Output in Excel… why not?”

  1. Thiago Araújo Says:

    I’m getting strange charaters when I save Excel file as .xls or .xlsx; how do I use this? I’d like to get only the tweets and users, but as I’m tracking Portuguese (with accentuation like ã or í), I’m getting this bizarre characters.

    Thanks for the help!

    • John O'Brien Says:

      Thiago – can you send me a couple examples via email (support@twapperkeeper.com) to provide more information on what you are seeing?


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