1 BILLION Tweets Archived!


Back in June 2009 when I started TwapperKeeper as a fun weekend hack, I had no idea 16 mos later I would still be running the site.

Heck, I was just having some fun with the Twitter API while my family was out of town.

However, the last 16 months has been crazy.  User demand for raw Twitter data sets has continued to increase.  Major world events were captured, exported, and analyzed.  Small businesses, major brands, market researchers, conference leaders, and academia continued to ask for more data.   And the data sets continued to grow…

And as of this morning I am proud to announce that TwapperKeeper  has passed the  1 BILLION TWEET milestone!

All I can say is WOW!

I want to thank our users for your continued support, praise, suggestions, and thanks – as your feedback helps drive us to be better.

I also want to sincerely thank JISC and UKOLN for stepping in and partnering with TwapperKeeper to help drive growth, enhancement, and sustainability of the platform.  Their support came at a critical time and has been instrumental in our ability to support the heavy growth in users and archives over the last 6 months!

So now the question is… when do we hit 10 BILLION? 🙂


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  1. Andrew Einhorn Says:


    I was hoping to get some info from you. We’re also operating under a grant – National Science Foundation – to create a visualization app for government communicators and are trying to figure out the best way to pull information from Twitter’s API without going over their allotted threshold. I read a post about what you are doing on ResourceShelf and applaud the effort. Would you be willing to consult with us and provide some best practices for an hour or so? Perhaps by email even? I’m happy to make it worth your time and promise we are in no way competing with what you are doing, as we are solely focused on US public affairs officers.

    Much appreciated. And who knows, perhaps there is a way to work together if we brainstorm a bit as well!

    Thank you,

    Andrew Einhorn
    CEO, OhMyGov Inc.
    Adjunct Professor, Health Communications
    Georgetown University

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