We need your rates and your help if you see missing tweets.


In the coming days we are going to be testing some new archiving processes that will leverage the rate limit of the user who created the archives, vs. using a single account which TwapperKeeper has been historically doing.

Therefore, we are going to start storing your OAuth tokens (most 3rd party apps do this, we just simply haven’t to date) and leverage your credentials to crawl your personal timeline (if you have an @person archive) or search hashtags / keywords for archives you have created.

This is in response to increased rate limiting we are seeing – and will be tested periodically for feasibility.

Also, if you see tweets missing in your archives let us know ASAP at support@twapperkeeper.com so we can try to fix before they disappear from Twitter search.  Time is of the essence when it comes to missing tweets.


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